AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #74 (09/22/2021)


(W) Spencer, Nick (A) Gleason, Patrick (C) Gleason, Patrick
StockID: 530 Diamond#: JUL210530

• It's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #875- and the whole ASM team is coming together to bring you a massive issue that is the culmination of three years of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! • It's all lead to this… 'Hunted-' 'Sins Rising-' 'Last Remains-' 'King's Ransom-' 'Chameleon Conspiracy-' 'Sinister War'…and so much more all led to this climax and conclusion to Nick Spencer's landmark run on the best comic book in the world. • What will happen with Peter and MJ- Mysterio- J. Jonah Jameson- Norman Osborn- Aunt May and Kindred?! FIND OUT HERE! Rated T+