REDEMPTION #3 (MR) (04/14/2021)


(W) Faust, Christa (A) Deodato, Mike (C) Deodato, Mike
StockID: 174717 Diamond#: FEB211135

The dusty desert town of Redemption survived the apocalypse but is hanging on by a thread. A despot rules the town with an iron fist and controls its most precious resource: water. When that strongman marks her mother for death- young Rose Obregon ventures into the perilous wasteland to seek the help of the legendary gunslinger Cat Tanner- only to discover that the so-called 'Butcher' is long retired- living in solitude- far from what's left of the world- and preferring to keep it that way. When Rose arrives on Tanner's doorstep- with gunmen hot on her trail- the Butcher has a choice to make: sit on the sidelines or pick up her guns and do what she does best?