POWER PACK #5 (OF 5) (04/14/2021)


(W) North, Ryan (A) Leon, Nico (C) Garron, Javi
StockID: 174228 Diamond#: FEB210646

• It all comes down to this! Over the course of this series- the Power Pack has been manipulated- exploited and stolen from- and YOU'VE paid to see it happen! But don't worry- because with this issue- NOW you'll be paying to see them SUCCEED!!! • ...Unless- SOMEHOW- the problems they've got CAN'T be solved- not even if they team up with a guy with knives that pop out of his hands? • That's right- Wolverine completionists- your favorite Canadian is in this issue too! Along with Jack and Katie and Julie and Alex and THRILLING EVENTS REACHING AN ULTIMATE CONCLUSION- whose details shall not be spoiled here!!! • The PACK is BACK! At least until you finish this issue. • Aww- now I just made myself sad. Rated T