BETA RAY BILL #1 (OF 5) KIB (03/31/2021)


(W) Johnson, Daniel Warren (A) Johnson, Daniel Warren (C) Johnson, Daniel Warren
StockID: 171257 Diamond#: JAN210555

FROM THE PAGES OF DONNY CATES' THOR AND SPINNING OUT OF THE EVENTS OF KING IN BLACK! The second-most famous wielder of Mjolnir. The right-hand man to the god of Thunder. And now- a warrior without his best weapon. Beta Ray Bill is tired of playing second fiddle to Thor - and with Bill's famous hammer- Stormbreaker- recently destroyed at the new All-Father's hands- tensions are higher than ever. The Korbinite must strike out in search of a new weapon…and a new destiny. Assuming he can first defeat a Knullified Fin Fang Foom! Writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson (Extremity- Murder Falcon) and colorist Mike Spicer take Beta Ray Bill on a journey beyond the shadow of a god! Plus: This oversize first issue contains an exclusive conversation between Johnson and Beta Ray Bill's creator- the legendary Walter Simonson! Rated T+